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I chose to study at Griffith College because of how easily I could transition into Griffith University. I needed a good support network away from home and Griffith College provides just that.”

Jemimah G.,
Diploma of Criminology



Whether you have ambitions of starting your own business or climbing the career ladder in a large organisation, the Diploma of Business will give you the fundamental business and leadership skills to progress.

Criminology & Criminal Justice

This diploma program mirrors the first year of Griffith University’s Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice, providing a solid grounding in criminology and criminal justice and the basic elements of the four disciplines on which it rests – law, political science, psychology and sociology.

Educational Studies

Designed in partnership with Griffith University, the new Diploma of Educational Studies transitions seamlessly into the highly-regarded Bachelor of Education. This puts you in a strong position for a wide range of teaching careers, across the public and private sectors. It can lead to senior positions, like department head or principal.


If you love being creative and problem-solving, the Diploma of Design is a perfect way to develop the knowledge and skills to kickstart your career.


The Diploma of Engineering will teach you the key skills and central concepts of engineering, before you progress to the bachelor degree to specialise in your choice of engineering major.

Health Care

In the Diploma of Health Care you will study the core concepts of the anatomy and physiology of the human body and the ways in which the body and mind develop and change across the lifespan.

Health Sciences

The Health Sciences program provides a good grounding in the many disciplines that exist within the field of health science.

While the main focus is on biological and biochemical subjects, your studies will extend into chemistry, cell biology and anatomy.

Information Technology

The Diploma of Information Technology is structured to provide a broad understanding of all aspects of IT in preparation for further studies in computer programming, database administration, information systems, interactive web development, software development and systems design.


The Diploma of Science will provide you with a solid understanding of the natural and physical sciences, including fundamental theoretical and practical principles of chemistry, biology, genetics; and for some pathways, environmental science.

Social & Psychological Science

This program is designed to provide you with the foundational knowledge and skills for further study in the areas of psychology, counselling, human services and social work.

International Tourism & Hotel Management

International Tourism and International Tourism opens up a wide range of career opportunities on a truly global scale. The program will give you a thorough overview of this exciting service industry, with a strong focus on management, marketing and information systems.

At Griffith College, we’ve been empowering students to achieve their dream degree since 1997.

At Griffith College, we know you can’t wait to follow your interests, chase your ambitions and reach your potential. That’s why everything we do is geared to getting you through your diploma and onto your degree, without any delay.

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Associate Degree in Business

Masters Qualifying Program

Holly S – Diploma of Health Sciences

I chose Griffith College because they provide a lot of opportunity for progression into your bachelor at Griffith University.

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