Policy Library

The Policy Library has three main sections:

  • About Griffith College contains information about committees, planning processes, quality assurance practices and equitable practices
  • Students contain information about the admissions process, a student’s enrolment, fees, obligations and expectations for students, student services, assessment and graduation information
  • Staff contains information about the employment regulations, recruitment and selection practices, performance planning and review, professional development and remuneration

Some areas of the Policy Library are restricted. Access will require appropriate login details.
The Policy Library is intended to be a living database that grows and improves over time. You may send suggestions or feedback to compliance@griffithcollege.edu.au

Academic Calendar

Academic Integrity

Academic Support

Admissions Policy

Alternate Examination Sittings

Anti-Bribery and Corruption, Fraud and Money Laundering Prevention Policy

Assessment Policy

Changes to Enrolment

CoE Monitoring

Conduct During Examinations

Correspondence and Communication

Deferred Assessment

Disability Services

Emergency Loan Scheme

English Language Development Policy

Enrolment Policy

Equal Opportunity and Diversity

Examination Timetabling

FEE-Help Loans Policy

Finalisation of Results

First Peoples Education Policy

Governance Structure

Graduate Awards

Graduate Generic Skills and Abilities

Graduation Requirements

Information Collection Notice (UPA)

IT Acceptable Use Policy

Legislation and Compliance

Lost Property

Medical Certificates

Moderation of Assessment

Moodle Site Policy and Terms of Use (UPA)


Overseas Student Health Cover

Privacy Policy

Program Progression Policy

Recognition of Prior Learning

Recording of Live Course Content Policy (UPA)

Records Management Policy

Refund Policy

Review of Marks

Sexual Assault, Harassment, Discrimination, Victimisation and Bullying Policy

Special Consideration

Structure and Requirements of Griffith College Awards

Student Code of Conduct

Student Complaints and Appeals Policy

Student Evaluations

Student Fees and Charges

Student Liaison Committee


Transfer of Provider

Turn-it-in Software Use

Value Adding the Navitas College Way

Welfare Arrangements for Under 18 International Students Studying at Griffith College

Welfare Support

Withdrawal, Deferral and Leave of Absence Policy

Withdrawal, Deferral from Program Before Enrolment

Withdrawn Students Who Return to Griffith College

Workplace Health and Safety