Driven by Diversity

At Griffith College we celebrate diversity and promote equity and inclusion in all aspects of student life.

Just like a sporting team, everyone at Griffith has different backgrounds, interests and talents. When they come together, it makes life far more interesting. Griffith College celebrates equal opportunity and diversity and promotes inclusion.

From physical ability, cultural background, lifestyle choice to individual beliefs, we champion the rights of the individual to create a wonderfully caring and supportive community where people can fit in, no matter how they might differ.

Fast Facts

We champion all aspects of diversity. Here are the areas that we have developed specific support initiatives:

  • Religious spaces
  • Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander students
  • Student disability & accessibility
  • LGBTIQ+ support
  • Students from refugee & migrant backgrounds
  • Pacific Island & Maori students

Religious Services and Spaces

Pastoral Care at Griffith facilitates access to Chaplains at every Griffith campus, giving students of all cultural and religious backgrounds the opportunity to seek information, support, and explore questions of faith. Pastoral Care also provides dedicated campus prayer rooms as well as information regarding local religious communities.

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Students

We recognise the unique place of First Peoples in Australian history and culture and are committed to enabling their continuing contribution to the nation through further education. Griffith College students are also able to access the support services offered by the GUMURRII Student Support Unit at Griffith University. See for more information.

Student Disability & Accessibility

We seek to remove barriers that students with disabilities may face in higher education. We also aim to improve participation, retention and success of students with disabilities, including access to learning environments.

LGBTIQ+ Support

Griffith is committed to the inclusion of Griffith students who are sexually diverse and have diverse gender identities, including but not limited to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer. A range of initiatives have been put in place to assist LGBTIQ+ students transition successfully to University.

Students From Refugee & Migrant Backgrounds

Griffith has a long history of working with students from refugee backgrounds. We’ve developed engagement and support programs to help with the transition to further education, including a scholarship for students who have experienced financial hardship, and/or education disadvantage.

Pacific Island & Maori Students

Our Griffith community comprises a number of Pacific Island and Maori members. Our initiatives for Pasifika students help demystify university, increase confidence, encourage teamwork and celebrate success.


Relevant Policies

Equal Opportunity and Diversity Policy