What Skills and Values do Mature Age Graduates Bring

What Skills and Values Do Mature Age Graduates Bring?

Are you considering a return to study after a break, changing career or thinking about tertiary education for the first time?

If yes, don’t be concerned, there is a lot of support available and your life experience will be invaluable during your time at university and to prospective employers.

Employers look favourably upon the skills and work ethic that mature age students and graduates bring to the workforce.

And, don’t be put off by the term ‘mature age student’. Griffith College welcomes many students – besides school leavers – aged in their early to mid twenties through to those aged 60 plus.

You will be able to share your skills and perspective that your career to date and life experience brings. If you’ve been at home raising a family and managing the household, that experience counts.

Businesses recognise the value in employing older workers.

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has identified a number of benefits for individual businesses in increasing participation of older workers. These include:

  • Getting a better return on their investment in human capital by retaining or recruiting experience
  • Tapping into a source of skill and labour when sources of labour become scarce
  • Benefiting from the strong commitment to work by mature-aged workers
  • Being able to market their business as a good employer by promoting diversity.

As a mature age student and graduate you are less likely to start at the bottom in terms of perceived ranking by employers and usually will have a leg-up over other candidates and help fast-track your career.

2019 Griffith College graduate and career-changer Aaron Halpin, 31, is setting himself up for a second career in his dream occupation in psychology after working in retail, administration and banking since leaving school.

Aaron attributes much of his success studying this year “… due to the sound platform that Griffith College provided me, allowing me to maximise the ability I had within myself.”

So, if you’re considering studying again and you are hesitant about a new career, rest assured that the skills, experience and values you bring are recognised.

Mature workers have greater loyalty, are reliable, flexible and ready to contribute from day one. As well as bringing a lifetime of experience, mature workers are also great mentors to other staff.