Why Griffith College

Why Griffith College

For over 25 years, Griffith College has helped students prepare for higher education and successfully transition into a university degree. This long-standing partnership has enabled us to truly understand the needs of our students and to create a learning environment that sets them up for success.

We believe that all people, no matter their background, have the potential to excel in study when given the appropriate tools and support to do so. 


Griffith College Fast Facts

  • 1-year diplomas lead directly to the 2nd year of your Griffith University degree
  • Fast-track study options allow graduation in just 8 months
  • Flexible start dates, with intakes in March, June and October
  • Small class sizes allow for more personalised support
  • Study at a Griffith University campus for an easy transition
  • Graduate college with a diploma qualification
  • Practical, emotional and welfare support services help with all aspects of life
  • Clubs and societies connect you with new friends and university peers
  • Participate in committees such as Student Liaison Committee, Program Advisory Committees, Learning & Teaching Committees or Academic Board as invited student representatives