Academic Support

Academic and Teaching

Since our foundation in 1997, over 25,000 students have successfully passed through our Griffith College campuses and on to their future endeavours. Throughout this time, we have developed valuable insights into the challenges students might face during their studies, which has enabled us to tailor a comprehensive range of support services.

One of the key areas we focus on is academic and teaching support. We have a fantastic team of experienced teaching staff and student learning advisors who are always on hand to provide you with the support you might need. Whether it’s improving specific skills, creating a study structure, or learning to manage your study load, we are here to help. Please see below for the academic support available to you as a Griffith College student.

Lecturer Consultation

In addition to small, interactive classroom sessions, all Griffith College lecturers and tutors are available for face-to-face student consultation on campus for approximately one hour per week per class. If you experience any difficulties with a particular course during your studies at Griffith College, you are encouraged to meet with your lecturer/tutor.

Assignment Help

We understand that assignments can seem overwhelming, especially if you haven’t studied in a while! For this reason, we have academic advisors available throughout the trimester to help you with research, preparing a draft, structuring your essay and referencing. Just make an appointment at reception for a time that suits you.

Academic Skills and Professional Development

Our Academic Skills and Professional Development program supports students to develop their academic skills and language. All Griffith College students complete this subject. 

The program helps students transition to higher education studies, covering topics including: 

  • Academic integrity

  • Analytical and critical thinking 

  • Citation and referencing

  • Effective research

  • Reading literature analytically and critically

  • Applying knowledge and research to develop and support an argument.

    The skills from this course will set students up for success at the college and throughout their university studies. 

Get a Head Start on Study Success

Griffith College is the perfect place to make the transition from high school to university life. Meet some of our international students, who’ve achieved academic success, with the support of all those around them.

Core Maths Skills

This program ensures students possess the core skills of mathematics before moving onto further maths and science study in their diploma and bachelor programs. It is a prerequisite for the following programs:

The mathematics support modules are a free component of the diploma and are compulsory unless you can demonstrate maths aptitude in a “Maths Ready” quiz at orientation. Students are given a maximum of two attempts to successfully pass this course.

English Language Development Module

If you are an international student entering your program with the minimum English language requirement, you will benefit from two free and compulsory Language Development Modules (LDMs) as part of your diploma program. The LDMs enable you to develop your English language skills in a participatory learning environment, integrated with academic courses to support overall achievement in those courses. 

The modules include two hours of face-to-face instruction per week, plus three hours of online self-access. Successful completion of the two modules is required to graduate with a diploma.

Headstart Program

Griffith College students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the Headstart Program. This program is completely free and provides the opportunity for students to network with classmates prior to orientation, while hearing the insights and advice of experienced learning professionals.

The Headstart Program includes four, one-hour, interactive sessions – all themed on the Griffith College way of learning (Connect, Belong, Be Present and Success). Attending this program will give you a head start on your academic and professional journey. You will learn new skills, make valuable connections, and gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be successful. The knowledge and experience you gain from this program will be invaluable as you move forward in your studies and future career.

Study Skills Workshop

Our academic advisors run a number of information sessions and workshops throughout the trimester to help you to develop study skills such as time management, academic writing skills and examination techniques.

Learning With Technology

Teaching and learning is constantly evolving and Griffith College is keeping pace by introducing a number of innovative resources in the classroom. Online learning management, video lecture capture and online textbooks are all available. To take advantage of this, you are encouraged to use your own laptop, so plan to bring one with you or purchase one when you arrive.

The College has also integrated new learning techniques, such as flipped and blended learning, to help deliver content in a way that is engaging and develops collaboration and communication skills.

English Language Program

Core Maths Skills