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Queensland’s Cost of Living

What to expect

When it comes to embarking on an Australian study adventure, one of the biggest decisions you might face is … where will I study?

Our two campuses are located on the Southeast coast of Queensland, about one hour apart. We could provide a long list of benefits to living in the “Sunshine State” (year-long warmth, outdoor lifestyle, friendly locals …), but one of the most noteworthy benefits is our low cost-of-living in comparison to other Australian cities.

We ran an analysis on three capital cities – Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane (Queensland’s capital). Have a read below

Brisbane compared to Sydney, New South Wales (NSW)

  • Rent prices in Brisbane are 52.47% lower than in Sydney.
  • Consumer prices in Brisbane are 3.29% lower than in Sydney (consumer prices include items such as food, clothing and importantly – recreation!)
  • Groceries are 1.2% cheaper in Brisbane
  • Brisbane is also one of Australia’s cheapest cities for transport. In fact, Queenslanders travelling to work on public transport pay an average $4.77 less a week ($19.09 a month) than those in Sydney

TIP: If you decide to use Queensland’s TransLink for travel, be sure to make use of student discounts. Grab a GO card and save up to 50% of your travel costs   

  • Queenslanders can also enjoy social activities at a lower price. If you’re a movie fan, you’ll find that a cinema ticket will cost around $16 in Brisbane and $20 in Sydney.

General data shows that on average, it’s $161.35 cheaper to live in Queensland per week than it is in NSW (over a year, that’s a saving of around $8,390.20!)

Brisbane compared to Melbourne, Victoria (VIC)

  • If you like dining out, Brisbane is affordable compared to other cities (restaurant prices in Brisbane are 0.68% lower than in Melbourne).
  • Groceries are also 2.4% cheaper in Brisbane 
  • Average net salary is higher in Brisbane than it is in Melbourne. This is an important consideration if you’re considering looking for casual work during your studies!
  • You will also find that rent on average is more expensive in Melbourne (approximately 0.48% higher)

So, what can you expect to pay to live day-to-day in Brisbane? According to IDP Australia (International Education Specialists), the average cost for a single person to live comfortably in Brisbane is $400 - $750 per week, depending on your living expenses. You can refer to this calculator to get a rough idea based on your individual circumstances.

There’s a reason Brisbane is one of the world’s most livable cities! Not only do Queenslanders benefit from a lower cost of living than other Australian states, we also enjoy 300 days of sunshine per year and a comfortably warm climate – perfect for a relaxed and social lifestyle.

Are you ready to study in Australia’s favourite classroom? (Good choice!)