Payment Options

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees are levied by Griffith College to cover the costs of delivering a course or program. Program tuition fees will vary each year. The total trimester tuition fees that a student will be liable for may vary depending on the number of courses in which they enrol.

Students must pay the tuition fee applicable to a course in the trimester they are enrolled. Fees on all offerings are subject to change, though Griffith College makes every effort to ensure that they are correct at the time of enrolment. When fees are increased, all Griffith College agents and representatives are notified.

Tuition fees vary depending on whether the student is local or international. For the purposes of calculating fees payable, an international student is defined as one who is not an Australian or New Zealand citizen or the holder of a permanent residency visa. Tuition fees are levied based on the courses a student is enrolled in on the census date. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that tuition fees are paid before enrolment at the commencement of each trimester.

Non-Tuition / Incidental Fees

Please see below incidental fees a student may be required to pay. Specific program requirements including any additional costs associated with study are listed on the relevant pages (for example, Diploma of Health Care and Diploma of Design).

Incidental FeesAmount
Late Enrolment Penalty$200
Late Payment Penalty$200
Replacement Academic Transcript$10
Replacement Testamur$25
Formal Review of Marks$50
Subject Change Fee$50


Tuition fees will not be refunded unless the student has completed, cancelled or withdrawn. For more information, see the Griffith College Refund Policy.

Payment Options

International students

If you are an international student and this is your first trimester of studies at Griffith College, you would have paid your tuition fees prior to your arrival in Australia.

Payment options below do not apply to Griffith University students. Please refer to Griffith University website for payment details.

Your fees can be paid by:

Convera GlobalPay platform for Students

At Griffith College we use Convera to make it easier for you to pay your international tuition fee payment. You can pay from your bank account with a telegraphic transfer or use a credit card.

With the Convera platform, you can complete  your payment in your own currency using a cost-effective telegraphic transfer or credit card, without hassles, processing fees, or delays.

To pay by telegraphic transfer or credit card log onto Convera as outlined in your acceptance of offer. When you accept your offer, please ensure you attach a copy of your telegraphic transfer receipt.

Western Union Business Solutions is transitioning to Convera from 10 October 2022. Your letter of offer may instruct you to use Western Union GlobalPay for Students (GPFS)platform, but this link will now redirect to the new Convera platform. 

Ensure you put your student ID number in the reference field so we can identify your payment.

Please email a copy of your payment once made or if you have any queries.

Australian citizen/Permanent resident

If you are an Australian citizen/permanent resident, you have the following payment options.

Students who are granted permanent residency status prior to the census date for a trimester will  be  charged  as  a  domestic  student  for  that  trimester,  providing  they  submit  documentary evidence for their change of visa status.


FEE-HELP is only available for Diploma and Associate Degree programs, for:

  • Australian citizens or
  • New Zealand Special Category Visa (NZ SCV) holder who meets the long term residency requirement or
  • Permanent Humanitarian Visa holders

FEE-HELP is the Australian Government loan scheme that will assist eligible* full fee-paying domestic (Australian) students to pay their tuition fees at an eligible Higher Education Provider. A FEE-HELP loan can cover all or part of a student’s tuition fees. There is a loan fee imposed by the Australian Government, and for more information on calculating a student loan fee please visit the Study Assist website. The portion that you elect to pay can be paid upfront using the methods outlined above or a payment plan can be entered into for this amount (refer to Payment Plan below).

Repayments can be made through the taxation system along with any other HELP loan (e.g. HECS-HELP). Compulsory repayments commence once taxable income reaches a certain threshold which for the 2023 income year is $48,361. Voluntary repayments can be made at any time. Australian Government Study Assist has detailed information including a FEE-HELP information booklet.

*FEE-HELP loan policy requires students to maintain a minimum pass rate, relevant to the number of units they are enrolled in (not their academic pass rate), to continue using FEE-HELP for their studies.

Apply for FEE-HELP online

If you wish to apply for FEE-HELP please email so a FEE-HELP application can be arranged for you and emailed to you by the Australian Government.

Payment plan

If you wish to enter into a payment plan arrangement with Griffith College for all or part of your tuition fees for the trimester, you must contact Griffith College’s finance department prior to enrolling. Payment plan arrangements allows you to pay all fees owing in four monthly instalments.

Ensure you put your student ID number in the reference field so we can identify your payment.

BPAY (via phone or internet banking)


BPAY is the online payment system in Australia which enables you to pay a bill using your Australian bank account.
GRIFFITH COLLEGE BPAY Biller Code is: 303370
BPAY reference number: check your offer letter or Provisional Invoice

Please email a copy of your payment once made or if you have any queries.

Payments for Continuing Students

Payments can be made via the Digital Campus.

Do you have a USI?

What is my USI? 

A USI is your individual education number for life. It provides an online record of your training undertaken in Australia. Without a USI, you can't get your qualification or statement of attainment (this excludes MQP students and Foundation to Bachelor students).

Why do I need a USI?

International and domestic students studying in Australia with an Australian education or training provider must have a USI to receive their award. 

Students travelling to Australia to study are issued with an Australian visa. You must land in Australia and go through customs before you can create a USI using your non-Australian passport and visa as a form of ID.

You can apply for your USI here, or find your existing USI here.