Things You Need to Know When Going Back to Study

Things You Need to Know When Going Back to Study

Deciding whether to go back to study is a big decision for those who may already be in the workforce or busy raising a family.

There are numerous considerations to take into account, but for many, it’s been one of the best decisions they’ve made.

Wishing to upskill, explore new career opportunities or simply wanting to follow their passion are some of the popular reasons people give for going back to study.

So, what are some of the key considerations to take into account?



You may have to juggle several competing priorities to devote time to study. Work commitments, home and family life will all need to fit into your busy schedule, so it’s important to be organised and plan your time accordingly.


Sometimes a whole family decision might be involved to support someone returning to study. It’s vital that those close to you are onboard, involved with the decision and continue to provide support. You will likely meet many others like you at Griffith College who are returning to study and who relish the supportive environment. Remember too that there are various external support services available including counselling, tutoring and financial assistance.

Follow Your Dream

A successful return to study and pursuit of a career which may be in a new direction is usually achieved by those who are following their dreams and are passionate about their course and committed to success.

Keep Your Options Open

Consider online options and courses which may offer evening classes. The more flexibility your course offers, the easier it will be to manage your studies. Choosing a flexible program like a Griffith College diploma will help keep your future options open. You can still branch out into different programs and receive credits for your second year at Griffith University.

Time Management

Effectively managing your time and allocating the right amount to critical tasks is very important. Maintaining a weekly calendar to keep on top of family, study and work commitments and including time for assignments and other assessment is vital. Prioritising tasks and not being overly ambitious will help.

Griffith College is committed to providing a supportive learning environment for those who are embarking on a return to learning.

Greater access to teaching staff, smaller classes than at university and helping students embrace new technology, are just some of the ways that students are supported at Griffith College.

Importantly, after your year at Griffith College you will have earned a diploma in your chosen field which can provide immediate benefits in terms of your career journey. Successful completion of Griffith College’s alternative entry diploma program means students will have a greater ranking for possible entry into the degree at Griffith University, in most cases into second year.

Kassie Bussenius graduated from Griffith College in 2019 with a Diploma in Criminology and Criminal Justice. The mother of four and business partner had overcome adversity in her life and realised that returning to study was something she needed to do – for herself and her family.

“How could I tell my daughter to follow her dreams when I hadn’t done so myself,” Kassie said. “A month into the course, I wasn’t sure I could do it. However, one of my lecturers said, ‘Hey, you’re doing so well.’

“It cemented my decision to stay and was the support I needed. Other support came in abundance, my abilities were molded and given the chance to grow.”

Kassie’s dreams of helping other young victims of domestic violence is now on track to becoming reality.